FRP Lining

The FRP lining we do had provided good resistance against corrosion environment. And we are rewarded as a qualitative vendor in the market for our FRP Lining services in Chennai. We use good grades of resins ranging from Isopthalic Polyester resin to Epoxy resins. We had good vendors for the supply of raw materials. We do FRP Linings for many applications ranging from MS Tanks, Electroplating Tanks, MS Ducts, Pipes, rain water Gutter etc.

FRP Lining Procedure:

The FRP lining can be done with variety of resins. First we need to consider the storage chemicals or acids or alkali which is to be stored and based on that the resin is to be decided. The surface preparation is very much important for FRP Lining. A clear surface will have good bonding. For ex. Sand Blasting need to be done for MS surfaces. The FRP Layering will be done with the specified resin for the specified thickness. Finally Surface mat will be used to avoid the pin holes and it improves the corrosion resistant.